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It’s really a state if mind. Something you make yourself. No one or anything can destroy it as you are in control of your own feelings. Mind you there are many people out there in this huge place they call earth that would try and take it away from you or test you to see if you are strong enough to let it go. Whether it be a smile from a complete stranger or a beautiful flower or the sun beating down on your face. Or a beautiful happy song that makes you want to dance.Its your happiness…now go live it! 

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Welcome to my Site 💖

I don’t really know what to say except I absolutely love quilting and really want to help pay the bills as my husband is temporarily disabled…his knees need surgery really bad. I love him very much and its really painful for me to watch him trying to get around. He is a very proud man and won’t ask for help financially. I’m really fantastic with my sewing and quilting and this little business will help. I make placemats,small quilts and a lilbitothisnthat. A donation from each order will go towards Cystic Fibrosis awareness.