To lilbitothisnthat

I have just hit my 40th anniversary with the man of my dreams…..as he sleeps the afternoon away lol…….I’ve finally decided I would open a little business that has been a dream of mine for many years. Really dont know what im doing here as im a bit computer challenged. Any advice would be helpful as im sure im not the only person out there with this problem. It’s exciting but kind of scarey at the same time. Ive been a stay at home Mom for about 25 years and now its my turn to finally do something ive always dreamed of for many years. To open my own little business. I have 3 beautiful daughters and 6 amazing grandchildren. I love spending time with them doing crafts, discovering nature and just having tons of fun! I have a passion for sewing, quilting, taking photographs of the beautiful things around me and a little bit of this and that!

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Welcome to my Site 💖

I don’t really know what to say except I absolutely love quilting and really want to help pay the bills as my husband is temporarily disabled…his knees need surgery really bad. I love him very much and its really painful for me to watch him trying to get around. He is a very proud man and won’t ask for help financially. I’m really fantastic with my sewing and quilting and this little business will help. I make placemats,small quilts and a lilbitothisnthat. A donation from each order will go towards Cystic Fibrosis awareness.